Why use Hashtags?

There are several important reasons why you should be using hashtags in your social media marketing.

1. Increase Your Visibility

By adding hashtags that relate to your content you’ll increase the post’s visibility to people interested in that topic. Depending on the platform, users can search and even follow hashtags (read: topics) of interest. In short, it’s a great (free) way to get in front of a niche target audience.

2. Build Your Brand

By promoting a consistent brand hashtag, your guests will be more likely to use it in their own posts about your property or venue. This is an excellent way to build your digital word of mouth marketing. Additionally, people are able to click on this hashtag and see even more posts by other guests and your brand profile, driving further interest in your property.

3. Increase Engagement

Numerous marketing studies have shown that hashtags help increase engagement on your posts – as much as 50%!