Targeting Your Marketing


Website & Design

  • It’s imperative that you have a modern website design that loads quickly for all generations.
  • Giving the multi-device usage we see, a responsive design that seamlessly resizes to various device sizes is critical.

Optimized Content Building

  • Younger generations are more likely to still be researching their destination, so search engine optimized blog posts are a good way to target them.
  • Younger generations also love video content, so consider “vlog” style marketing videos focusing on niche markets and area attractions.

Paid Search Marketing

  • Search Engines have the capability to target specific ads to your chosen age groups.
  • Bing can be a cost-effective option to reach Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Social Media Marketing

  • If you’re looking to reach younger guests, a consistent presence on Instagram is critical.
  • Millennials and above still flock to Facebook as their main social media platform.
  • You can also target specific age groups on social platforms with paid promotions.