Taking a Look at The Stats


  • In 2009, only 2% of real weddings published on non-POC-owned wedding sites are of a non-white couple. That stat still has not changed today, even when 20% of today’s weddings are interracial.
  • Millennials are a very diverse demographic that is splitting into two based groups based on different life stages.
  • Gen Z is more likely to be paying special attention to a business’s stated values.
  • Millennials and Gen Z will expect customization as standard, and not an upgrade, and put value in the experience.
  • Keep in mind the socio-economic status of groups you are marketing to. For example, don’t market luxury upsell items to a couple trying to stretch the “standard” wedding budget of $30,000. Furthermore, luxury buyers do not always spend on luxury across the board but want value.
  • Remember that different cultures see the act of negotiation as a way to build trust. It’s doesn’t mean they are cheap.