Social Media Marketing


Social media can be a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships with your guests, but it’s important to remember it is also a public platform. We’ll discuss some steps to take to help protect yourself and automate some basic functions.

Action Items:

Profanity Filters
  • Facebook – you can block different degrees of profanity from appearing on your Business Page. Facebook determines what to block by using the most commonly reported words and phrases marked offensive by the community. To turn on the profanity filter:
    • Click Settings at the top of your Page.
    • From General, click Profanity Filter.
    • Select Medium or Strong.
  • Instagram – Comments that may be inappropriate, offensive, or bullying can automatically be filtered out from your posts, stories, and live videos.
    • Go to the gear icon labeled Settings in your Instagram Account
    • Click on Privacy
    • Click on Comments and check that the filter is turned on.
Company Social Media Policy
  • While you certainly want to encourage employee engagement and advocacy of your property, it’s equally important in today’s world to set clear expectations to protect yourself. Below are a few examples of guidelines to build your own policies:
    • Always disclose your employee affiliation when adding comments. Some companies have even created unique hashtags for this that further help strengthen their brand (ex. #iamintel)
    • Clarify that any statements are your opinion, not representative of the company
    • Be careful about the personal information that you share
    • Never disclose operational information and numbers, legal information, customer details or confidential information.
    • Use common sense when posting.
      • A great statement example: When you are online, you are representing [Company]: our people, our values. There is no room for bigotry, prejudice, misogyny, or hatred in our company or on our associated social media feeds.”
      • “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human.” – Best Buy
Dealing with Negative Comments
  • Here is a link to a good article on dealing with social media “haters”
Automating Message Responses
  • Many people feel social media messages are as valid of a communication platform as emailing or calling your business, and easily get frustrated if they are not answered quickly. We will be hosting a Workshop this month taking you through how you can setup automated messages to answer questions about location, contact information and other frequently asked questions.