Social Media Marketing

Facebook Cover Videos – Bye Bye!

Without any fanfare, it appears Facebook has removed the option to host videos in the cover area. But don’t fret, you still have some great options such as…

  • Custom graphics
  • Photo slideshows

Share the Good News!

Were you included in the recent Travlers’ Choice Awards announced by TripAdvisor? Make sure to share the good news with your followers – hopefully it will inspire a return visit! Reach out to our team if you need help!

Instagram Tests New Upload Options for Desktop

Instagram is currently testing a new feed posting option from the desktop version of the app. As you can see here, the new option would add a “+” icon to the top bar of the desktop version of IG, which, when clicked, would enable users to upload images or videos direct from their PC hard drive. The option is limited to feed posts only at this stage – no Stories or Reels upload tools

Social Media Spotlight

Four Chimneys Inn does an awesome job with their organic Instagram posts. They do a particularly good job with posting aesthetically pleasing shots from around the area and of the inn itself. Many of you are getting ready to renovate or do small cosmetic updates here and there – designing with an eye towards social media is key in our image/photo-driven world.

What You Need to Focus for Instagram

We recently interviewed a social media specialist at Nitreo, a company specializing in Instagram engagement and profile growth, on the top things businesses should focus on for their accounts. Here were their tips…

  • Regular feed posts are still the most important type of post you can do, they recommend these 3-5x per week.
  • Actually comment and engage with other users’ posts, simply going through and liking posts won’t cut it.
  • Reels are getting a lot attention right now. Posting them 2x per week is ideal, but keep in mind Instagram will target these towards younger demographics.
  • Stories are “icing on the cake” for a robust strategy. It will help keep you top of mind for followers, but doesn’t increase your account quality.

Special Holidays for Post Inspiration

  • June 2: National Rocky Road Day – Maybe offer a special Rocky Road treat this day? Also an opportunity to feature a local ice cream shop
  • June 4: National Doughnut Day – Can you offer doughnuts with breakfast? Or do a fun poll and ask your guests if they are a classic glazed or chocolate sprinkles person
  • June 5: National Trails Day – Call our your favorite spots for hiking and biking
  • June 20: Father’s Day – Thank the dads and father figures and encourage gift certificates for a great last minute gift option
  • June 25: National Food Truck Day – Do you have food trucks in your area you can feature or can you hire one for the day for your property? Have fun with this one!