Search Engine Optimization


Make sure your local and organic search engine optimization is up to date for the summer with fresh and timely content addressing potential travelers’ concerns. Google has also given us advanced warning of a new algorithm update that will make great content an even more important part of your marketing strategy.

Action Items:

Google My Business Check
  • Google is going to start processing non-COVID-19 related updates again.
  • Check your listing to make sure services and amenities are current with your new reality.
  • We’ll be releasing a training tutorial on this soon!

Keyword Search Trends

There is a shift in search behavior given the current climate.

  • Anyone with cabins, rentals or cottages should have a separate campaign in Google Ads.
  • Consider a new blog post to highlight your vacation rental type units and to get fresh content and SEO integrated on your website.
2020 Summer Guide Module
  • Blog post crafted with up to 5 activities that can be enjoyed this summer with photos and search engine optimization.
  • Boosted Facebook post to promote blog post (minimum $10 budget required).
  • Section added to Stay Small, Stay Safe page to link to the blog post.
  • Link added to Boxzilla or Triptease message to promote blog post within Stay Small, Stay Safe message.
  • The estimate for White Stone to complete this for you is $450 but it can be customized hourly.

2021 Google Algorithm Update: The Google Page Experience Update
  • Utilize the NEW Google Search Console tools
  • Create exceptional content
  • Conduct speed checks
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Have an updated website (generally beyond 3-4 years requires an update)
  • Be secure with Https
  • No pop ups that are intrusive (there is a right and wrong way to do it)