Search Engine Marketing

Google Now Shows ‘Ranking Factors Box’ in SERPs to Explain Results

As of July 23rd, Google is listing several of the factors or reasons why it ranked a specific search result in its search results listings. feature is currently live for around 10% of English-language queries in the USA, and Google aims to have it 100% live by next week for both mobile and desktop.

What factors does Google show? 

  • Search terms that appear in the result.
  • Search terms related to your search.
  • Other websites with your search terms link to this result.
  • This result has images related to your search.
  • This result is [Language].
  • This result is relevant for searches in [region]. 

Apple Maps: What’s New and What’s Next?

Instead of relying on the likes of third-party review sites, Apple Maps will soon house its own native ratings. Removing the use of third-party review sites should give both Apple and searchers more control. As it stands, if users want to explore more business reviews through Apple Maps, they’ll be directed to download the Yelp, Foursquare, or Tripadvisor app, which doesn’t make for the best user experience.

Learn more about claiming and optimizing your Apple Maps listing here.

Winter is Coming!

A reminder that blog posts can double as landing pages in your paid search campaigns for niche interests and seasons! If you have a great post, let’s update it for 2021! A lot has change, so we want to make sure businesses and attractions are all still relevant – and communicate that to potential guests.