Search Engine Marketing

Google pushes back plan to block third-party cookies until 2023

Why we care. Many advertisers have rightfully been worried about what the rollout of Google’s privacy initiatives and the blocking of third-party cookies means for their metrics and their clients. This delay means that there is an opportunity for search marketers’ concerns to be heard by the tech giant and that there is more time to prepare for the major changes — including finding technology solutions that adjust when cookies are deprecated, figuring out a first-party data strategy, and pulling data from other sources.

Switching to Bright Local

We have a new tool, Bright Local, that we are now recommending instead which offers better service and is less expensive than Moz Local. The cost is about $120-$150/year (vs. the $339 plan we would’ve recommended for Moz). As a reminder, this tool is critical in making sure your local marketing is in order:

  • It pushes out your name address and phone (NAP) to major local aggregators that the search engines love.
  • It cleans up any duplication and alerts you about issues that need addressing.
  • It spiders to find issues that you need to be made aware of making this a critical tool in your toolbox. 

Paid Search Strategy: Supply & Demand

As we get further into the summer season, many of you have limited inventory still available. Your rep and our PPC team will be touching base with you on retargeting to fall or winter campaigns for lodging, 2022 weddings, and/or adjusting the budget as necessary.

Get your content ready for winter!

Are you introducing any new offerings? Does you town or area have any great holiday events you can promote? Midweek elopements, micro-weddings, meetings/retreats, family reunions, whole house rentals are all great opportunities for winter business. Now is the time to start creating that content!

Organic search is the top revenue driver for almost all of our clients, so it’s important to continue to invest with activities such as publishing quality content, updating ranking posts and strategic link building.