Search Engine Marketing

Google Search Trends

We’re continuing to see a promising up trend of “bed and breakfast” in search trends after years of decline. Notably, Airbnb is also extremely popular and for some consumers is becoming interchangeable with vacation rental.

Reviewing Geographic Targeting

As things continue to open up, we’re seeing some states are getting sick of staycations! While you might start to lose some of your local drive market, we’re seeing more bookings from other states for some clients – people are either flying or opting to drive farther for a different experience. It may be time to expand your campaign’s targeting and/or add to your budget.

Wedding Link Building with WeddingGawker

WeddingGawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of wedding styles and ideas. They publish photography with captions and links back to blog posts submitted to them – free! Your rep will discuss with you on your next meeting if this is a good opportunity for you. It’s important to note that we need to submit either original photography from or you need to have all rights to the images we are submitting.