Search Engine Marketing


Search Trends & the State of Mind

This month we’ve continued to see travel interest picking up, with increasing searches for:

  • “resorts near me”
  • “hotel booking app”
  • “romantic getaway”

Of note though, we’re also seeing international travel and fly destination interest rise with increasing searches for:

  • “travel to Canada”
  • “travel to France”
  • “can I travel to wales”
  • “travel to UK”
  • “travel to Spain”
  • “travel to Mexico”
  • “travel to Hawaii”

Time to Update Seasonal PPC Ads

It’s time to shake off winter and revamp our PPC campaigns for spring and beyond! Having specific landing pages to promote seasonal getaway experiences has proven to be very successful, and a great use of your blog and/or content marketing campaign. Make sure to review and update any existing landing pages for the “new normal.”