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ThinkReservations & Tripadvisor Instant Booking

Unlike other OTAs, Tripadvisor Instant Booking allows you to own the reservation and therefore the full customer relationship. Guests who book through your Tripadvisor Instant Booking will deal directly with you – not a middle man.

  • Pro: Own the guest relationship from the beginning
  • Pro: No risk with a simple “Pay for Stays” commission model
  • Pro: No commitment and no up-front investment
  • Pro: CC is validated before it’s sent over to ThinkReservations
  • Con: This will compete against TripConnect placement
  • Con: You don’t control rates or availability, it will pull in the lowest rate available in the booking engine, cannot choose to send your OTA rate for example

What are the costs associated with using Tripadvisor Instant Booking?

  • For the use of the channel manager, ThinkReservations charges a 3% commission.
  • Tripadvisor charges a commission of either 12% or 15% depending on the model you choose:
    • 12% “Book on TripAdvisor” will show up 25% of the time (other 75% of the time the OTAs will show if they’re bidding)
    • 15% “Book on TripAdvisor” will show up 50% of the time (other 50% of the time the OTAs will show if they’re bidding)
    • You Pay Commission After a Guest Stays
    • You pay no commission on cancelled reservations
    • Auto billed monthly to cc on file
  • Watch ThinkReservation’s recent webinar which reviews all of these details

Your account manager will be discussing this opportunity further with you.