Reputation Management

Saving Grace: Mid-Stay Check In Text

  • Clients with the Whistle app are loving this feature, it has saved them from bad reviews
  • Brainstorm on how you can incorporate this into your own operations

TripAdvisor Business Advantage Renewals

Reminder on renewal notices:

  • Renewal notice will be sent by email to the registered property owner 30 days and 7 days out

Responding to COVID-19 Reviews

How to Respond to Positive Reviews:

  • Thank the guest
  • Get specific
  • Address any COVID-19 efforts your business implemented.
  • Entice them to come back
  • Thank them for their kindness

How to Respond to Negative Reviews:

  • Apologize and thank them for their feedback
  • Respond appropriately with a sensitive and empathetic tone
  • Address any limitations due to COVID-19 and reiterate any changes to business policies
  • Invite the conversation offline
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Show them grace during this difficult time