Reputation Management


It’s important to stay on top of review responses and feedback as you start welcoming guests back to your property. Your reputation as a clean, safe and fun environment will be critical to attracting second and third wave travelers who are more cautious about traveling.

Action Items:

Reminder: Google Reviews Are Back On
  • Your review responses can be a great place to highlight some of your new health and safety practices to help build trust with the prospective guests that are reading reviews right now!
On-Property Sentiment
Building Relationships Pre-Arrival
  • If you don’t want to invest in a live video calling software like Whistle, you could simply pre-record a check-in video, upload to Vimeo or YouTube, and link it in your pre-arrival email for contactless check ins. It still allows your guests to see your face and to start to develop a connection with you, which we know is so important for getting good reviews!