Reputation Management

Tripadvisor rolls out new app, digital campaign

Tripadvisor has unveiled a refreshed mobile app for iOS and Android users. The app launch coincides with the rollout of Tripadvisor’s new digital campaign, reminding travelers that “vacations miss you”. The campaign features 15- and 30-second digital videos on the travel giant’s social media channels and website to inspire wanderlust.

Living Up to Your Online Reputation

Building a stellar reputation takes hard work, and essential to the success of lodging and event businesses. People are entrusting you with milestone events in their lives. Here are some tips on how to maintain and continue to build on it:

Communication: Customers expect fast responses these days. Utilize automation to help fill their need for instant gratification until you have time to get back to them personally. We also encourage you to look at adopting texting as a channel, there are a variety of software options out there to help make this manageable! Check out this great example of wedding communication by White Doe Inn:

Reliable price quotes: If you’re a lodging business using dynamic pricing, make sure that is clearly communicated to guests over the phone. Additionally, if you are quoting prices for events make sure to track it. Do not make clients feel “guilty” for the price they paid.

Reconcile the problems: Keep an open line of communication with your guests. Mid-stay check-in texts have been working very well for lodging clients to fix issues before guests checkout – and it turns into a bad review. Make sure to stay on top of review responses and follow best practices, we’ve seen negative reviews change or be taken down due to stellar responses by owners or management.