Reputation Management

More Details on TripAdvisor Plus

We have some more details on TripAdvisor’s new paid travel club:

  • $99/year for the traveler
  • Free for lodging properties to join *After an introductory offer period, a small fee will be charged when a booking occurs

How to participate?

  • Commitment to offer discounts and unique perks to Plus subscribers
    • Discount: Minimum requirement of 15% discount below BAR
    • Perks: Commitment to offer traveler perks within program guidelines

If you’re interested in pursuing this program, please reach out to your rep.

The Rise of On-Site Reviews

A recent study by TrustYou shows significant increase in the number of mid-stay or on-site reviews that began in 2019 and continue to rise to this day. 

  • On-site feedback has become more popular than post-stay
  • The average scores generated by it are also higher (87 on-site compared to 83.5 post-stay

Now is a great time to look at product like TrustYou or Whistle to implement contactless mid-stay check-ins and encourage reviews.