Promotions & Packaging

Mini Itineraries

  • You may want to promote shorter or longer itineraries based on availability, or even midweek
  • Consider having a blog post to go with these so we can point back to your website vs. third party

Dining Experiences

  • Lack of staffing and overwhelming demand is making dinner reservations difficult in some areas
  • Can you partner with a local restaurant to have a special chef’s table for your guests?
  • Are there informal dining options you can offer on-site such as food trucks or picnics?
  • If it’s not something you can handle in-house, consider talking to local caterers about options

Fall Experiences

  • Promote events and festivals early, they will likely sell out
  • Nostalgic experiences such as pumpkin patches, cider tasting, apple picking, etc

Christmas in July!

  • Consider promoting whole house rentals early
  • Upsell room decoration packages
  • Start looking into possible classes/nostalgic experiences such as wreath making, gingerbread houses, or cookie parties
  • Create or update blog content about holiday events, you’ll be able to capture a lot of eyes this way