Promotions & Packaging


It is important to review your current packages and upsells to make sure they are not tone deaf. This may mean changing some items if possible or simply take certain packages offline for the time being. You may also want to look at adding more outdoor and/or adventure-themed experiences or small weddings options. We do not encourage any drastic flash sales, but you might want to offer extended stay discounts as we move into recovery.

Action Items:

  • Review your current packages; update or take offline as needed
  • If you do not already offer small wedding or elopement packages, now is a great time to start
  • Review the timeline and action items from our Revenue Management for Recovery Master Class
  • Additional promotions and packaging ideas:
    • Extended weekend escapes
    • Staycations itinerary featuring your favorite local businesses
    • Double-date couples getaways
    • Back to nature guides & experiences
    • Local’s scavenger hunt – “Did You Know” content to engage locals and teach them things they may not know about the area