Promotions & Packages

Welcome Back Campaigns

  • If you’re a seasonal property/destination this might still be relevant
  • Consider a special early bird offer or VIP incentive for past guests

Reward loyal & new customers

  • Think about how you can segment your list and send special perks occasionally
  • Extend “new guest” incentives on your Welcome page

Nostalgia Campaigns

  • Spending time unplugged with the people they care about
  • Classic, authentic experiences for your area

Summer Itineraries

  • Encourage longer stays with 3-5 night itineraries
  • Provide valuable content to keep your audience engaged
  • Create a shareable graphic with the very best activities of the summer for people to check off and share on their own social media accounts

On-Site Food Options

  • Think outside the box to provide additional service & revenue stream
  • Ex. Partner with a caterer for high-end dinners, grill packages, grocery delivery, food trucks, upgraded delivery experience, outside dining spaces

Length of Stay Specials

  • A little extra incentive to stay longer!
  • Look a value add options as well such as room upgrades, welcome cocktail, business/leisure travel enhancements

Events that are back for 2021

  • Call to action to book early!
  • Great for social media as well

Fall content

  • Don’t wait too long to start building or updating your fall content, we’ll likely be launching fall paid search campaigns soon!
  • Create a great blog post/landing page highlighting tips to see the best color, activities and events