Promotions & Packages

four leaf clovers

March: Go Green!

After a tough winter (especially these last two weeks) fun and light-hearted specials could be a welcome surprise for your guests as they look forward to warmer weather soon.

  • “Lucky” themed Romance Package – clovers in the bouquet, green treats, etc.
  • Promote a specialty cocktail for a happy hour such as a Grasshopper
  • Ice cream bar with pistachio or mint ice cream and toppings
  • Massage or facial special with all “green” products

April: Spring into a New Season!

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22! This is the perfect month to showcase (or start) environmentally friendly practices. We’re see this continue to grow as an important decision point, especially for younger demographics.

  • Showcase charging stations for electric car owners
  • If you’ve received any “Green” awards, be sure to shout them out again!
  • Look for unique nature experiences – especially anything with baby animals!
    • Are there experiences at local animal sanctuaries or rescues in your area you could promote?
  • Get out your green thumbs – have a succulent gardening class/project or include a garden tour.

Additional Thoughts Looking Ahead…

  • Some research suggests we’ll see more multigenerational travel in the next year. This could be a fun opportunity to promote family trips in May and June to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  • Double-check the pricing on your enhancements before we move into the busy summer season – where can you maximize your revenue?
  • Consider higher-end package options with an itinerary of activities and longer stay packages