Paid Search Marketing

The OTA channels are yet again bidding on brand names in the paid search accounts. We can also see that a significant number of people navigate to websites from paid search via a mobile device. We are also seeing an interesting trend and that is the increase in number of people booking via a mobile device in Google Ads. We are currently working on turning brand campaigns back on for our clients. These keywords are cost effective and incredibly important.


The entire screen on a mobile device is comprised of the paid search ad in Google!

*This is a random client selected, it is not Eden Vale Inn.

Gift Certificates

By now we should all know about the importance of pushing gift certificates. Did you know we are not able to send people to a gift certificate page in the paid search accounts unless it is on your domain? The paid search providers disable ads that go off the main domain of the campaign. This is just another reason it is important to have an independent gift certificate page.

Winter Campaign

People want to go on a vacation. Why not entice them with a winter paid search campaign. Have a unique campaign with its own budget and target “winter vacation in New Hampshire” type keywords. Make sure to send people to an incredible landing page with a package.

*Tips for those properties that close for the off season:

  • Make sure your 2021 rates are loaded in the booking engine.
  • Change your paid search verbiage to 2021. “Book early for 2021 and save!” Or “Lock in 2020 rates for 2021 when you book now. Free cancellations.”
  • Send the paid search campaign to a great blog post highlighting the festivals and fun of 2021.