Paid Search Marketing

Google Ads

Google is testing larger headline sizes.

Google often reserves new features for the ad in the #1 position. It is brilliant in trying to raise the CPC and get competitors in a competition to outbid each other.

Homework – let us know if we should be targeting nationally or excluding certain states due to quarantining or travel restrictions.


Why Bing Ads?

  • Less competition
  • More budget friendly
  • 6.4 billion monthly searches in the US

Homework – if you are not currently testing Bing Ads get started. Try to start with $150-$200 a month.

Google Hotel Ads

If you market in the OTA channels you must be doing GHA.

Homework – contact us and get Google Hotel Ads started. We suggest at least $200-$300 to start and we can adjust based on the results.


We see reservations coming in through TripConnect.

June-July 30th 2020

Homework – set up or activate TripConnect for the US. They have a $300 minimum but you might not spend it all.