Paid Search Marketing


As travel demand rises, it will be important to stay competitive in our bidding strategy, and potentially expand our targeting as we are seeing guests are willing to drive further this summer.

Action Items:

Geo-Targeting Updates in Google Ads
  • We are monitoring search traffic to see if targeting expansion is warranted, but it is also extremely helpful to hear from you where potential guests that are calling you are coming from.
  • You can target by zip code, city, state, country and also distance from your property like 350 miles.

Also check your booking engine statistics.

Google Hotel Ads
  • It is likely time to turn these back on. OTA channels are marketing on your brand.
  • New Google Performance Ads option for small properties, we are talking to ThinkReservations about this opportunity.
New Google Image Extensions in Google Ads
  • These are in BETA and rolling out slowly.
  • We will set these up as they become available.
  • Shows in mobile only.
Elopement Niche Campaign
  • If you are looking to promote elopements or micro-weddings, we strongly recommend a separate, targeted ad campaign.
  • Make sure you have an RFP specifically for elopements. It is estimated at 2-3 hours to set this up in design.
  • It is crucial to have a wonderful landing page with photos, video is possible and package information.