Paid Search Marketing


Major players, such as the OTA’s, have largely exited most paid search advertising platforms for the time being. This gives you a unique opportunity to get more exposure at a better price. Pay Per Click Marketing is naturally dynamic to demand, as you are not charged unless someone clicks through. As we predicted, we are seeing increased traffic for many of our clients, so the focus this month is updating messaging to promote the idea of “Stay Small, Stay Safe” so we can turn lookers into bookers.

If you have a great “staycation” themed blog post, consider using this a landing page for a unique drive market campaign. You should also consider launching or expanding on current Wedding/Elopements campaigns to get in front of brides who need to reschedule their special days. Finally, if you have a restaurant that is offering pick up or delivery services you’ll want to be sure to market those options.

Action Items:

  • The White Stone Marketing Team will be executing the following items for clients with managed PPC accounts:
    • Adding Stay Small, Stay Safe messaging
    • Auditing for non-COVID friendly messages (ex. buffet breakfast, endless cookie jars)
    • Continued monitoring for when we should increase bids and/or when to turn on additional channels
  • Reach out to us if you are interested in:
    • Lanching a special staycation drive market campaign
    • Pushing weddings and elopements harder
    • Marketing restaurant options