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ThinkReservations Airbnb Connection Update

Old Version

  • New Listing button – to be migrated
  • Listings had to be created in ThinkReservations

New Version

  • Import Listing button – already migrated
  • Allows you to import listings from Airbnb to ThinkReservations
  • Room and Room Type only differ if you currently use the Room Types feature
  • Import listing & fill out small amount of details
  • Turnover days – new field allows you to blackout # of days before and after a reservation for cleaning (only affects Airbnb)

What does this mean for you?

  1. Easier to create and connect a new listing
  2. Easier to manage the content of your listings

Important Notes:

  • If your ThinkReservations account was not already connected to Airbnb, your account was migrated to the improved connection last week. This means that if you choose to connect with Airbnb going forward, it will be on this updated version of the connection.
  • If your ThinkReservations account is already connected to Airbnb, your account most likely hasn’t yet been migrated to the improved connection. You can determine if you have been migrated already by heading to Settings –> Airbnb in your ThinkReservations account. If it says “Import listings” at the top right of this page, you have already been migrated. If instead you see “New listing,” you are on the old connection and will be migrated in the coming week.
  • In regard to this update, there are no actions you need to take. As always, Airbnb will continue to receive rates, restrictions, and availability from the ThinkReservations Channel Manager.
  • Read more about these changes

IMPORTANT: Booking.com Cancellation Policy Change

As of April 6th, Booking.com will only support cancellation and prepayment policies that require fees for the first night’s stay, 50% of the total stay or the entire stay.

It will also no longer support cancellation and prepayment policies that require guests to pay multiple fees. For example, no policies that require guests to pay 50% of the total stay when they book and then the remaining 50% seven days before check-in.

Clients using policies that will no longer be supported by Booking.com will have to change them, or on April 6th the site will change them to the nearest stricter policy or round up the percentage payable to the next higher value.

New Travel + Leisure Booking Engine

Travel + Leisure Group today is revealing plans for a new suite of branded products and services, including the preview launch of BookTandL.com. The new online vacation booking platform will also lay the foundation for the anticipated summer launch of a new Travel + Leisure subscription travel club, offering exclusive benefits and perks