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Airbnb Host Premier Event Recording & Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Nearly 1/4 of travelers that Airbnb surveyed said they envision longer stays
    • What this means for you: Be ready to adapt to new guest needs, and more workcation getaways by upgrading wifi, setting up a laptop-friendly workspace, and looking at more affordable or DIY food options
  • Per their new Host Campaigns, they recognize the power and authenticity of user-generated content
    • What this means for you: You can take advantage of this trend as well! If you’re on our Comprehensive Marketing Program, our team could execute a similar campaign with video or there are a variety of accessible video tools out there that you can try.
  • In Airbnb’s survey, 41% said connecting with family and friends will be “much more important” post-pandemic
    • What this means for you: Looking at creating more offerings for small groups traveling together, as well as multigenerational travel. Local campaigns may also be beneficial to keep you top of mind as a recommendation for resident’s families coming into town.

Consumer Perception of Travel Safety Improves as Vaccines Roll Out, COVID Cases Decline

Deloitte has been conducting a series of weekly surveys, key takeaways:

  • Six weeks after COVID-19 vaccine distribution began in the U.S., more than 50% of U.S. adults expect to be fully vaccinated in the next six months.
  • As a result of the vaccine rollout, the percentage of U.S. adults feeling safe staying in a hotel and flying reach highest levels since April 2020 at 46% and 34%, respectively.
  • Of those already vaccinated, 70% feel safe staying in a hotel and 54% feel safe flying.
  • More than half (53%) of those already vaccinated are likely to spend more on travel in the next four weeks.

Trends Set To Redefine the Travel Industry

According to an article was written by Ian Knox, Vice President, Product & Marketing at Expedia Partner Solutions, the following five trends are poised to redefine the travel industry in the coming year:

  • Trend 1: A new wave of innovation will hit the mainstreamthey expect contactless check-in and the use of smartphones throughout the travel experience to become the norm.
  • Trend 2: Trusted advice will be a major competitive differentiator they expect travelers to reward those that equip them with on-demand access to reliable information.
  • Trend 3: The barrier will break on loyalty programsthey expect a significant surge in travelers booking with the air miles and points they have been unable to use during the pandemic.
  • Trend 4: Travelers will demand a new era of flexibility their research shows 7 in 10 travelers will look for flexibility in the form of travel insurance and trip protection, full cancellations, and refunds on transportation and accommodations.