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OTAs look to a Potentially Big Win from Google Lawsuit

  • TripAdvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer, a longtime critic of Google, told CNBC he welcomes the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit against the Alphabet search unit.
  • “Google is using its dominance in internet gatekeeping at the expense of other businesses,” Kaufer said, echoing comments from Expedia CEO Peter Kern.
  • Online booking sites argue Google’s preferential ranking of its own search results when consumers are looking to into travel options has hurt their ability to drive traffic.

ThinkReservations Automated Yield Management Update

  • New Yield Management Plans that can be applied to multiple rate types.
  • You’ll no longer have to manually create yield management rules for each rate type.
  • If you already use yield management rules, they have set up your Yield Management Plans for you and assigned them to the appropriate Rate Types!

Airbnb Changes to Host-Only Service Fee

  • All hosts connected through a third party channel manager will be charged a 15% service fee starting in most countries on November 2020.
  • These listings will have a badge that indicates to the user that the host doesn’t charge a guest fee.