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Holiday Shopping and Black Friday Deals are starting early this year

This is a holiday unlike any other, for brands and for consumers. Gone are the days of camping outside big box stores for 1-day only mega deals. The pandemic has accelerated consumer and industry shifts already under way. People are buying more fluidly. Holiday deals are becoming a seasonal, always-on tactic

Airbnb Launches New Data Sharing Tool

The Airbnb City Portal was launched in 15 global cities to help share data about listings and whether they are complying with local laws. Data dashboards will allow officials to monitor and regulate listings but also provide helpful visitor information to help bureaus target their own ad campaigns.

The Portal will also allow cities to evaluate the impact Airbnb is having on local housing markets. Officials will have data to be able to implement short-term-rental-specific tax laws and other regulations as they begin to quantify Airbnb’s impact.