News & Trends

Mobile Message Targeting on Triptease

  • Messages now default to be displayed on both mobile and desktop
  • Nudge messages can be targeted to display on only mobile or only desktop
  • Industry-wide we’re seeing increasing conversion rates on mobile devices. Invest in meta (Google Hotel Ads), the mobile experience on your website, and leverage Triptease mobile messaging strategically.

Whistle Guest Platform Now Integrates with ThinkReservations

  • Whistle delivers real-time text and instant messaging, as well as a wide variety of additional features
  • ThinkReservations charges $1/room per month, with a minimum monthly fee of $10
  • Click here to learn more about Whistle’s pricing and package options
  • Check out ThinkReservations’ support article: Frequently Asked Questions about Whistle Messaging

The Future of Group Travel

Private experiences are on the rise and tour companies are shifting the number of people they allow in each “group”. “Quarantine Travel Bubbles” are also catching on with groups of friends choosing to form their own group to do these tours with and to split the cost.