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Expedia Group Fall Travel Outlook

Key takeaways from their fall travel survey…

  • A majority (58%) of respondents have travel plans during the fall — but Millennials are in the lead (67%) compared to Gen Z (61%), Gen X (53%) and Boomers (53%)
  • Hotels in warm & sunny cities are seeing a pick-up, while vacation rentals are still popular in off the beaten path destinations
  • While most people plan to take trips with a significant other, solo travel is on the rise in recent months – Millennials and Gen Z (72%) are more into solo trips compared to Gen X (59%) and Boomers (47%).

Heartland Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale

Heartland Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale is interfaced with ThinkReservations, and could provide a good solution for properties with restaurants. They also advertise interesting features such as a self-order kiosks, gift cards, and loyalty program options. Click here to watch the Heartland Restaurant POS in action and click here to see Back-of-House.

Hotels Try To Woo Business from Non-Traditional Competitors

Some food for thought on how larger hotel brands are positioning themselves to win business back from Airbnb…

  • Promoting consistency in experience
  • Cleanliness and safety guests can trust
  • Reliable WiFi connectivity
  • Providing various food, beverage and retail options in one space
  • Concierge services and exclusive experience packages

Is Daily Housekeeping in Hotels a Relic of the Past?

“One of the most remarkable [changes during COVID-19] was and continues to be the suspension of daily housekeeping at many hotels. The service, once taken for granted by guests, became an on-request deliverable and typically not offered until multiple days after a check-in… Some say that the move to on-request housekeeping is one in what could be a cascade of services and amenities unbundling, similar to how the airlines operate, where there is a cost attached to various things that used to be complimentary.”