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How Airbnb is trying to adapt to a new travel reality

Airbnb is introducing “flexible” filters around things like pricing, location, and types of accommodations. These will roll out June 30th and could be helpful with additional visibility for listings and exposure to new types of stays for travelers.

Risk of last-minute cancellation ‘chaos’

Many UK holidaymakers are booking stays at two or more hotels with a view to cancelling all but one at the 11th hour. Keep an eye on your cancellation activity and as things move back to normal, stricter policies could be in order.

Dawn of the “Third Space” 

The pandemic forced a rapid shift to employees working from home, with many expressing that they want flexibility in how and where they work moving forward. More than three-quarters (79%) of respondents said they would like to occasionally work from a “third space” — a location other than their home or place of employment — and more than half said they would be willing to pay up to US $100 per month out of their own pockets to work from a café, bar, hotel, or retailer with a dedicated space.  This highlights a potential opportunity to grow revenue for the hospitality and retail industries.