Menu Offerings and Creative Presentations


Think outside the box! Add elements that make the presentation more exciting and surprising. Here are a few ideas for breakfast items that travel well and can be delicious and MEMORABLE!

  • “BLT in a Box” – a breakfast salad with a poached, boiled or fried egg, crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons, bacon, tomatoes, and a simple salad dressing.
  • Ebelskeevers – baked Scandinavian pancakes that hold well and are FUN
  • Shakshura – a middle-eastern baked egg dish, with tomatoes and peppers, served in a mini cast iron pan …trendy, colorful, healthy and urbane
  • Creme brulee oatmeal – oatmeal baked in a cool individual dish and “brûléed” under a broiler…so easy
  • Get more ideas on Jumping Rock’s blog: Innovation and Inspiration in the “Covid-19 World”