How to use Hashtags on Different Platforms

While hashtags on all the major social networks have the same fundamental purpose, the best practices of how to use them do vary by platform. Typically you’ll want to add them to the end of your post, but if you’re feeling #clever you can work them into the message as well.

How to use Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is arguably one of the most important platforms where you need to be using hashtags. And where you’ll see other platforms tend to favor a lower amount of hashtags, Instagram posts with more hashtags tend to get more engagement. However, you don’t want to get spammy as users can now report your account if you consistently use irrelevant hashtags.

  • Optimal number of hashtags: 9 – 15

How to use Hashtags on Pinterest

Pinterest has a mixed history with hashtags, but they have recently embraced them a little more. Like other platforms, users can now click on them to find related content. However, titles and descriptions on your boards and pins are given more preference for ranking. They ask that no more than 20 hashtags be added to a pin or it could negatively impact your pin’s performance.

  • Optimal number of hashtags: 3-12

How to use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags actually started on Twitter, although they really flourished on Instagram. But if you are actively using Twitter, this is still definitely a platform you’ll want to use them. Just keep in mind that they do count as part of Twitter’s 280-character limit on tweets, so the more you add the fewer characters you’ll have left for your actual message.

  • Optimal number of hashtags: 1 – 2

How to use Hashtags on Facebook

Since most people aren’t sharing their profiles publicly, your ability to extend your reach through hashtags is much lower. However, if you have a campaign you’re promoting across multiple platforms you can certainly use your brand hashtag, or a hashtag unique to that promotion, to increase awareness. However, it is perfectly acceptable not to use hashtags on Facebook.

  • Optimal number of hashtags: 0 – 2