Exercise 3 – Dining Options

Create Dining Excursions

What are your food and beverage service limitations?

  • Can you prepare and offer a picnic lunch or dinner? Yes or No
  • Can you prepare an individual board or platter? Yes or No
  • If you hire a private chef or caterer, can you serve meals at your property? Yes or No

Make a list of your favorite restaurants and note the following:

  • Days and hours of operations
  • Address and phone number
  • Your favorite items on their menu

Find activities outdoors for all interests:

  • Take a hike, rent a bike or take a guided tour
  • Rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard
  • Fish a stream, ride a horse
  • Pick local fruits and vegetable at local farms
  • Visit a local winery to enjoy wines by the glass or bottle
  • List historical markers and points of interest that can be enjoyed outdoors either walking or driving

Review your inventory of either gift shop items or time-sensitive products to determine if you can create sellable packages!

Take your excursion package to the next level with a map and marked photo opportunities!

Excursion Google Map