Exercise 2: The Reservation

Let’s Book a Reservation

Evaluate Your Appearance on Your Booking Engine

  • Are your photographs current?
  • Do they match what is shown on your website?
  • Are the room descriptions current and enticing?

Select a room – Your least popular room!

  • Why is this room the last one booked?
  • Can a disabled guest easily find the room best for them?
  • Can you easily add upsells to your room reservation? Are they accurate, timely, and inviting?

Now complete your reservation! Read the fine print too!

  • Fill in all the required information. Is anything missing you would like to know about the guest?
  • Click the link to your terms and conditions. Are the accurate?
  • Add your credit card info and process the transaction. Did you receive a confirmation? Is it correct?
  • Now, quickly void the reservation so you aren’t charged!