Email Marketing

Marketing Campaign Inspiration

  • Pick Your Path!
    • Consider an interactive-style of campaign that shows off how much they can customize their experience and all there is to do in your area.
  • Stay Longer, Pay Less!
    • Promote your length of stay special and all the activities and attractions that are still open and available.
  • Fall Itineraries!
    • These campaigns are always popular, and your guests are looking for your guidance now more than ever!
  • Planning Ahead!
    • It’s not too early to start thinking about holiday season promotions. It’s possible people will be rethinking long trips to visit extended family, so there could be new opportunities to help them celebrate this season.

Automate Building Your Email List

  • Using TouchStay for guides, we can create automated email series through MailChimp to incentivize new subscribers

Sample: Hiking Guide