News, Updates & Goals

Industry News:

  • American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) unveiled its Safe Stay guidelines (PDF download of full guidelines)
  • Association of Lodging Professionals Development Day – May 6, 2020
  • New data from MMGY Travel Intelligence’s biweekly consumer sentiment study, key findings:
    • The percentage of travelers who agreed that they are more likely to travel by car after COVID-19 passes increased from 35% in Wave II to 47% in Wave III.
    • The percentage who said they are more likely to travel to destinations close to home increased from 36% in Wave II to 42%. This was especially true for older travelers.
    • After falling to just 31% of travelers in Wave II, those who said they are likely to take a vacation in the next six months increased to 38% in Wave III.
    • Click here download the full report

Other Updates:

  • Reduced hourly rate ($150) for website updates & landing pages
  • Re-opening Marketing Module – $250

May Marketing Goal:

Reassure guests and build trust. Whether guests are able to come now or later on, focus on communicating that you are a safe space ready to welcome them back. Safety will be a huge deciding factor for those thinking about booking, so it’s important to keep your efforts on this front top of mind.