Claiming Your Listing

Get Control of Your Listing

To claim your Apple Maps listing, go to

  • This is similar to Google My Business, but specifically for Apple.
  • Even if you don’t claim your listing, it’s likely that Apple already has one for your business. They get their data from other sources, so it’s even more important to claim your own listing to ensure their information is correct.

Apple ID is Required

You’re going to need an Apple ID, so if you don’t have one already, you’ll need to create one. You can then follow the steps on-screen to claim or add your business which typically includes a phone verification to ensure that you legitimately represent the business.

Why You Need to Do This as the Business Owner

The Apple Maps interface isn’t as developed as Google and you can’t have multiple admins for each business. It’s important that you retain ownership of assets like this, which is why White Stone Marketing cannot complete this on your behalf. But you can have multiple locations associated with a single Apple ID.